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The Complete Physical Fitness & Mental Wellbeing Program
For Busy Mums & Dads Looking To Inspire Their kids

Only £95/month for founder members - £295/month soon

Would you like to take care of your physical fitness in just 1 hour a week and also learn how to improve your mental health? A lot of people would and have also realised the importance of health recently. This program was created as a "done with you" template to ensure your success and is especially aimed at busy professionals and those working from home who can invest 20-30 minutes a day to build health foundations for the rest of their life

Imagine Handing Your Physical and Mental Wellbeing To A Passionate Professional

The Only Live Online Group Coaching
Program In The UK For
Physical Fitness & Mental Health

This program was built to transform lives. I am not here to coach you. I am here to move you from overwhelm, doubt and confusion, to health, confidence and independence so one day you no longer need me and trust yourself again

What does this program look like? See below -

Monday - Exercise - Train with Steve - LIVE

Tuesday - Academy - Mindfulness/health talk, or presentation

Wednesday - Hot Seats - Personal deep dive for clarity

Thursday - Relax - Meditation, Breathing, or Qi Gong

Friday - Check-in - Progress, Accountability, Goals and Support

Over £500 Of FREE Bonuses For Members

Mindset Jumpstart 30 Day Video Course - £295

Kettlebell Masterclass Video Course - £195

Video Vault Access - Sold Separately

5 Professional Guided Meditations - Not Available

Kettlebell Course Manual PDF

My Book - The Path To Inner Peace PDF

Not just LIVE daily coaching, you also get access to the ever-growing video vault for true training on the go. Health and safety, safe equipment use, warm-up, cool down, stretching, mobility, almost 150 exercise tutorials for everything used in the programs and 40 workouts so far with everything you will ever need for your goals. The vault will grow into a library of physical fitness, mental health and education for your continued growth!

Sample Vault Workouts Below

Train with your partner for FREE - workouts only

Professional Testimonials

Ali Jawad - Paralympic athlete, medallist, world champion and World record holder

Steve is not only a great trainer, but a motivator who makes you think outside the box in anything you do. If there's a person who'll help you achieve greatness, it's him. I can't speak more highly of the man.

The Lean Machines - YouTube Superstars

From doing a number of Stephen's courses including Olympic weight lifting and kettlebells I can honestly say he's a fantastic coach. Not only is his information & delivery easy to understand, it's also in-depth enough for the most educated of participants.
 Stephen has an uncanny ability to bring the best out of you, he somehow changes your mindset and fills you full of confidence which often ends in new PB'S.

 So if you're looking to learn a new skill, become a better teacher or just break through plateaus then Stephen is your man!

David Cosford - Former Director of Sport. University of East London and part of the Olympic organisation for team GB

Having worked with and been trained by Stephen Aish for the last 4 years I have the utmost respect for him as a friend and professional. He is a uniquely passionate and dedicated individual who always delivers excellence and enhanced customer care. Whether it be pushing an athlete to become faster, higher, stronger or developing a new business solution, Steve is 'world class'.

Phil Lear - World Taekwondo Champion, GB Head Coach and 7th Dan Master

I have known Stephen Aish for over 12 years from when I first took part in his Kettlebell instructor course. Then a few years ago, I spent 6 hours with him one to one and returned home a different person. I have not looked back since and have booked Stephen for 7 seminars at the gym I run where he has reached over 200 people and changed their lives for the better. His mindset course is simply astounding and creates many lightbulb moments, reframing things in our lives that we believe we can’t change or define who we think we are to just things that happen to us. Stephen presents with passion and a desire to help people to their own level of inner peace. The feedback I have received from every single course he has presented has always been of the highest calibre. He has changed my life and the lives of my family forever and for that I am eternally grateful.

Ben Coomber - BTN Academy and Awesome Supplements owner and the UK's No.1 Health Podcast host

If you want change, you know you need it, want it, but feel stuck, constantly going back and forth through cycles of success and failure, then Steve is your man to break through. His vast experience of the body and mind (because they are both part of the change puzzle) are 2nd to none. Any program or coaching you can get from him, take it, and go “all in” on what he says. Thank me later.

Rachel Frances Thomson - Biomechanics Coach and Industry Training Provider

Having known & worked with Steve for several years now in a variety of capacities his integrity & humility still continue to positively impact on me both personally & professionally. His unique methods of meditation & skill in coaching mindset have powerfully influenced my daily perspective as well as my belief in my own abilities when strength training. He is someone I will always lean into for regular reminders when I am seeking mental clarity & accountability.

Rahim Ali - Human Capital Consulting, Deloitte

Steve delivered a masterful mindset workshop as part of our well-being and thrive programme at Deloitte. Steve presented incredible insights into the inner workings of our mind - sharing his inspiring personal story from the world of high performance to the path of mental strength and peace. As well as having a wealth of knowledge, Steve is authentic and genuine - offering practical mindset tools that everyone was able to take away and practise in their work and personal lives. In a fast-paced corporate world, and delivered in the middle of a Global pandemic, Steve’s guidance was relevant and timely. He left the team highly equipped to handle themselves and their emotions to deliver the highest quality service for their clients. A valuable and rewarding experience for all in attendance.

Jacqueline Bruce - EXC, TEQ & PDS Specialist Brand & Strategy Porsche Cars Great Britain Limited

After being so impressed by Steve's talk at the BTN Nutrition Conference, I decided he would be a very welcome addition to our network training course at Porsche Cars GB. The training course was over three days with a mix of employees from across the country from managers, sales and reception staff. I wanted the training to offer something to the delegates that they may not necessarily be exposed to and to give techniques and ways to deal with the stresses and strains of everyday life in and out of their working environment. After looking online at a number of options, I remembered how positive I felt after listening to Steve and decided to get in touch. Steve was more than happy to accommodate our needs for the three-day training and even offered to speak with delegates after his talk. His commitment and dedication to what he does shines through and he is a pleasure to work with. The feedback we had was great. With many delegates taking and asking for Steve's details after the event. I would recommend Steve to any business thinking about offering mindfulness practices and talks to their staff. We all need to learn to take care of our most valuable asset and Steve's approach provides clarity and common sense ways to do so.

What did other clients experience?

Danny lost 40lbs on a 6-week mindset for fat loss course and another 20lb after it finished
Gemma went to the kettlebell world championships after several months of coaching
Jeanne came off of antidepressants after 21 years
Julia did a corporate event and spoke to 80 people after being terrified of public speaking
Ryan managed to forgive after a life-changing accident that consumed him with hatred
Aleksandr went to a nature reserve and held a tarantula the day after seeing me
Maria came to see me on Sunday and quit her job Monday
Emily was burnt out, stressed and unable to have children. She now has 2 wonderful kids
Tracey left her corporate job and set up as a personal trainer and followed her passion
Dave was close to quitting and set up as a successful coach
Mike said the mindset course was the equivalent of thousands of pounds of therapy

Genuine client feedback below and often life-changing results from just a few days-weeks!

The great news - you will get all of this knowledge over time :)

Where else can you get your physical and mental health taken care of by a world-class coach for these prices?


Pay for the year £795 and you get a bonus 60-minute 1-1 call to ensure you get the most from this program by creating your goals based on where you are right now - best suited to those knowing they have at least 6 months of work for long term change

Your Coach and Guide - Stephen Aish MSc.

International Coach, Speaker, Author, Champion Athlete and World Record Holder

About your coach - short version - Steve will get you to your goals

Here is why - Steve is one of the most respected and well-known coaches in the UK. He has coached internationally, trained thousands of personal trainers and members of the public, coached the RAF, GB Police, spoke for Deloitte, Porsche GB and has been on several health and fitness podcasts. He has 3 black belts in Taekwondo, 4 GB weightlifting championships as a masters athlete and 5 British and World Records in all-round weightlifting. He is a fully qualified PT, has a degree in psychology, masters in strength and conditioning, is a performance enhancement specialist with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and a kettlebell master trainer regarded by many as one of the leading authorities in the UK who was personally trained by the Russian world champions and world record holders. He also specialises in mindset and so I am sure you can agree that your physical health and mental awareness are pretty safe with me - I will deliver and you just have to show up and do the work most of the time. That is my promise to each and every one of you on this journey.

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A discounted 60-minute deep-dive video consultation with me to ensure you get the most from this program by looking at where you are, what keeps you there, habit cycles you want to break and the best goals for you to maximise your success long term - CAUTION - Homework may be provided!

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If after your first month you are not satisfied then we offer a no questions money-back guarantee - you literally have no reason not to jump in and give it a test run!

       Frequently Asked Questions Below
  • Who is it for?
    3 specific groups will benefit the most from this program -

    1 - Absolute beginners and those who are lost and unsure where to start. It will be slow, steady and increase gradually and the priority is solid foundations. This is not the place for athletes

    2 - Those already having a good fitness basis that realise the importance of routine, accountability and someone guiding them

    3 - Those who are more interested in the mindset aspect of the program as you can certainly train a couple of times a week, but some of the most powerful content will come from the mindset material
  • What do I need to start?
    There is a recommended products list to get you started and most people will need nothing more than 3 pieces of home exercise equipment - 1 kettlebell, 1 resistance band, 1 set of hand weights. Much of the routines can be done with body weight.
  • Do I need to get in shape to join?
    Nope - the whole idea is that this is the time you start, commit and see real results that you can take forward for life. No more confusion, just confident action!
  • What if I miss sessions or am ill?
    All content is in the Facebook group and so you have access to every session after it happens. Some people will not be able to make the live sessions and so you really can train when it suits your time.
  • You mention mindset, how does that work?
    From experience I can tell you that a meaningful life largely consists of a sound mind at peace and in a healthy body that is fit for purpose. This is the foundation of life and my goal is to get you there.
  • What if I know enough to fly solo, or want to leave?
    Then you have my blessings and I wish you every success with the rest of your adventure.